We offer all-inclusive tradeshow management for all events in the United States mostly focused on design accented gifts, lifestyle goods, kitchen utensils, pet supplies, fashion accessories, and logistic products.

Service Details

We will assist you in attending various exhibitions such as NYNOW, the largest gift show in North America, and The Inspired Home Show, an well-established exhibition of kitchen utensils. Based on your company’s needs, we provide services including: exhibition application, construction company management, sales staff arrangements, education, customer support during the period, collection of customer data, and sales reports. Additionally, we can now help with preparation and exhibition of digital markets held online.

All-Inclusive Support for Tradeshow Preparation

We will prepare all necessary documents and apply for the exhibition on your behalf. In addition, we provide support for every step of the way to ensure a successful show such as: proposals for appealing booth designs, management of the contractors, finding the right staff members, and marketable booth displays at the show.

Dedicated professional sales specialist

During the tradeshow, we will assign at least one sales specialist who is bilingual or native speaker to represent your products at the booth. We will actively reach out to the buyers with the sales conversation by educating the specialist in advance regarding the strengths and marketing points of your products.

Effective sales approach with the buyers at the booth

In addition to the dedicated sales specialist, the person in charge of your brand will actively initiate a sales approach. After the exhibition, we will compile a report that summarizes the buyer information, reactions that visited the booth, and detailed sales information.


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