Recently we at Actus have been working on promoting SUKENO Doughnut Socks through our ongoing Instagram promotions with bakeries and through our support for the La Mer Wave Walk which was recently held.

The bakeries we work with pose for pictures with SUKENO socks as well as their real doughnut 🍩 side by side. 

Both look so delicious it’s hard to tell which is which! 

As for the La Mer Wave Walk, it was a campaign launched by the cosmetic company La Mer as part of its new effort to protect the ocean known as the ‘La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund.’

By partnering with Project Zero—a global movement aimed at ocean conservation and restoration—and the prestigious Sotheby’s Auction House, La Mer was able to help create an art walk in NYC that not only brought awareness to the need for ocean restoration but helped to raise money to support the efforts to achieve such goals through the auctioning off of the wave art it featured.
The walk took place May 20th to June 21st, and its artwork was made possible extremely generous world famous artists and designers who produced the artwork free of charge.

SUKENO Socks made sure to help promote this excellent cause by traveling around the city & taking pictures of our doughnut socks 🍩 with these beautifully crafted wave statues. 


Actus staff
Actus staff