In these times filled with uncertainties, establishing a local corporation, branch office, representative office, let alone expanding into the United States involves a great deal of cost, labor, and risk. This is where we, Actus, can offer you the extra hand you need, to help you expand into the U.S. market while minimizing these risks and maximizing future potential. We will utilize our experiences and connection gained over the last 20 years to help you kick- start your business in the shortest time possible.

Service Details

“GEO” stands for Global Employment Outsourcing, and is an overseas employment agency service that has been gaining recognition in Japan as an efficient method of overseas expansion in recent years.

How is GEO Structured?

GEO is a method of conducting business in the United States without establishing a local corporation in the United States. The legal employment relationship with local employees is arranged by Actus, who is based out of the U.S. Our company undertakes all administrative tasks, including complex US labor law, to help you start your business in the US with a minimal initial investment.

Benefits of using GEO Service

Fastest and Shortest Way to Launch

Your business can be launched in the U.S. within a minimum of one week without the need to go through the procedures to establish a local corporation.

Zero Administrative Cost

Administrative tasks such as filing financial statements, employment tax, salary calculation, social security, human resource and labor procedure documents are not required.

Cost / Risk Reduction

Your business can be started in the United States with a small initial investment. Reduction of running costs, and no need for corporate liquidation even when withdrawing.


GEOLocal SubsidiaryRegional OfficeRepresentative Office
Duration of Company Establishment1 week minimumMore than 3 monthsMore than 3 monthsMore than 3 months
Legal Responsibility JapanAmericaJapanJapan
License Business Activity××
Corporate TaxN/AYesYesN/A
possible requirement for state tax
Company Name
Same as Japan HQ
Name change possibleSame as Japan HQName change possible
Business Operation / Tax ResponsibilityBusiness operation possible through agreements with Japan.Business operation possible, sales recorded at the U.S. branch.Business operation possible, tax needs to be paid by the Japan HQ.No sales tax required as only market research / research and development can be performed. 


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