An advisor who has experience working in human resources (HR) in the United States will assist you in a wide range of situations such as attendance management, review of labor laws, recruitment, training, and evaluation guidelines in Japanese. You can leave it up to us to find the right team member in the United States!

Service Details

Actus is here to guide you through every aspect of Human Resource Management and Outsourcing Services. We can customize your service based on the specific needs and goals of your company.

Human Resource Management

For a fixed amount every month, you can hire a trained admin specialist who can help manage things such as attendance (working, break time management, etc.), work hours, accidents procedures , employee health insurance,  new hire interviews, employee exit, and other necessary support.

Company Guideline Documentation (New / Revise)

We will help you revise and structure a company handbook that complies with rapidly changing laws and regulations in the U.S. In addition, we will provide proper consultation on what type of documentation you need in advance, and we can customize it to your company values. If you have not made changes in the long time, you could review and incorporate up-to-date guidelines.

Human Resource Document Creation

We can help prepare all types of documents that are required for hiring to retirement of the employees. The document type includes: job description, job application form, interview rating worksheet, offer letter, confidentiality agreement, PTO application, warning letter, retirement notice, employee turnover confirmation documents (last salary payment related information, COBRA notice, loan).

Employee Training System

We provide professional training customized to your company needs.
The training includes but not limited to: recruitment training based on the basic knowledge of U.S. human resource laws, sexual harassment training, leadership training, etc. The training can be conducted in Japanese and English by expat / managerial employees.

Human Resource Legal Updates / Seminars

We offer industry related information and seminars that are practical such as updates related to American HR, notification of the enforcement of new laws, HR seminars by lawyers specializing in HR for free or for a fee, HR study sessions, recruitment methods in the United States, and more as requested.

Online Service

We have implemented a web system for employee hotlines. This allows us to send reports in Japanese on a regular basis every month, which will help you to keep track of internal issues and updates. If you need assistance with the language, you can get technical support in Japanese.

Salary Benchmarking

We provide the latest benchmarking report that is useful for setting reasonable salary ranges for your employees according to the target position from factors such as job description, work location, industry.

Employee Evaluation System

The evaluation system is used as a vital tool for measuring employee performance management and fair employee treatment. We will assist you in building and introducing an evaluation system according to your needs, such as creating job descriptions, evaluation forms, setting performance goals, training managers on how to use the evaluation system, and salary ranges.


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